Ollie executes a one of a kind experience that delivers results to high schools, universities, seminar events, and global leadership conferences.

The Creator Life Experience™ brings the studio to the stage and takes the audience on an inspirational musical journey with electrifying performances and storytelling. He shares principles of hit songwriting and performing that anyone can apply to become better creative problem solvers, better collaborators, and more self confident. A dynamic experience that provides a blueprint for thinking outside of the box, embracing your unique differences, and defining your own success.

What you can expect.

Multi-instrumentalist / Rapper/ Soul Singer/ Songwriter/ Music Producer/ Superstar Stage Presence

There is a reason why he was named one of the top independent artist to see Live two years in a row by Music Connection Magazine. Rather it’s national tv, foreign television, small venues, or stadiums with of 40k screaming fans. Ollie Gabriel is one of the most electrifying, authentic performers you will watch in this day.

Inspirational Storytelling.

Ollie stage presence, wit, and humor makes him a natural story teller. He connects the songs he sings to the audience, with inspirational stories and excercises that lead to transformative takeaways that spur change in the hearts and mind of the audience.

Designed For Mass Impact

The Creator Life Experience™ is designed to give any audience a practical blueprint that can immediately be applied to their personal and professional lives.

Participants can expect to learn tools on how to:



  • Awaken the creative genius you were born with
  • Turn perceived problems into opportunities for growth
  • Improve collaboration skills
  • increase overall joy, mindfulness, and confidence
  • Generate Better ideas, More often
  • Develop better listening skills
  • Silence the Inner Critic and Eliminate Fear
  • Switch into “Flow state” for optimal performance
  • Become more adaptive and flexible to challenges
  • Turn your unique differences into a superpower




Creator Life Experience is designed to leave participants highly entertained, inspired, and empowered with practical tools to be the best version of themselves starting today.

One of a kind keynote experience that provides actionable tools and systems for becoming more creative when it counts.