Ollie was introduced to a national audience on NBC’s hit series Songland. His original song “Something New” reached the Adult Contemporary Billboard Top 40 for over 10 weeks..

Prior to Songland, he accumulated over 22 Million streams on Spotify as a solo artist and topped the radio charts in Europe. For the last decade, He’s made his mark writing music for film and tv and producing and writing for various artist signed to labels and independent.

His music being has been featured in hit tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Deadliest Catch, Ray Donovan, Shameless, Dance Moms, and many others on major networks like Fox, MTV, ABC, NBC, and Bet. He has a unique ability to make great commercial music across genres and styles like very few artist can do.


To date Ollie has garnered over 20 million streams as an independent artist.

He is the epitome, of diverse and genreless as an artist. He can transition from rapping, singing, producing and songwriting in every genre from r&b soul to pop to rock to orchestral compositions.

Independent Ethos.

He chooses to remain independent for the moment. ” I want other artist to know that you can have a thriving career without compromising values, My intention with my gift, is really to impact humanity in a positive way, so until I find the right label team that’s aligned with the mission of bringing positive change and awakening to people, I’m staying independent”. Music is one of the most powerful means of influence. I don’t take my gift of singing, or what I say in a song lightly, words are energetic and powerful. I think I’ve figured out how to make music that is commercial but still carries a message with a positive intention behind it.

Ollie is an active student of personal development and leadership. He won first place in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest recently with his speech “The Magic in your Tongue” , and He is certified by AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology) as a practitioner of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). This ongoing education in neuroscience and linguistics is woven into his CREATOR LIFE EXPERIENCE beta™ to give the audience a better awareness of themselves, and what actually happens in the brain when we are being “creative” and how we can ALL CREATE better solutions and opportunities for our lives, more often.


An Inspiring Story

Ollie has had a multitude of diverse life experiences that is the inspiration behind his spirit of service and his music. He shares his experience with growing up fatherless, overcoming marijuana addiction, serving in the army, Homelessness in LA, Leaving a six-figure sales position to pursue his dreams, and Overcoming rejection in the entertainment industry to become an internationally-known independent artist.

His story of the valuable lessons he learned along the way, that led him to find his purpose will inspire people to ask themselves the right questions, and motivate anyone ready to throw in the towel on their hearts calling.